RevDavis Secrets To Life

 RevDavis Secrets to Life -cd-

A Gospel Ministry Powerhouse. 

NEW Release!  RevDavis Secrets to Life -cd-. This album download helps teenagers as a help aid that ulcers instructs, edify, and directs all of GOD’S children onto the path and into the gate’s of Heaven.

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A Powerful cd Sensation with RevDavis, Van Jones and the Musical Disciples. a picture of revdavis in a hat on Picture of cd disk logo RevDavis Secrets to Life cd on


Powerful direct bible prophecy that helps us better understand an recognize the truth, which also includes amazing gospel music. The Prophet RevDavis Secrets to Life cd  is an eye opening experience. RevDavis would like to express his appreciation to his music associates, Van Jones of Hampton roads VA., and The Musical Disciples of Roanoke Rapids NC., For their participation in the making of this recording. a Picture of cd disk logo RevDavis Secrets to Life cd onpicture of cd disk and label at

The cd Sensation of 2017


RevDavis Secrets to Life -cd – Album

A Twenty one min. Gospel Ministry Powerhouse. This cd is very enjoyable. it presents here and now reality prophecy, prophecy about here now,near future and more.


RevDavis Secrets To Life Album Download by Prophet Rev. Robert Davis

Born in Hampton Roads Virginia RevDavis Preaching Ministry started in New Orleans, Louisiana doing the aftermath cleanup of hurricane katrina. RevDavis has been called by THE LORD. GOD Most High called him to Prophesy. Now in 2017 THE LORD is sending RevDavis out as a beacon of understanding about his will and his Prophesy. RevDavis teaches an shines Prophesy so close and so clear its like its staring you in your face. RevDavis instructs about Prophesy and ushers GOD’S Children onto the path into Heaven that Jesus said only a few will find. Here you may learn the only true way into Heaven.

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